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Posted By Health and Hemp on 05/11/2018

Drop shipping and the Carbon Footprint

Drop shipping and the Carbon Footprint

At health and hemp we are extremely passionate about the environment and the world we live in. We are also obsessively passionate about the carbon footprint of our products and the packaging they come in. 

That is why we will ONLY work with manufacturers that will deliver direct to you, the end user as we see no benefit in products being shipped from A to B to C, when they can be shipped from A to C. C being you the consumer.

We also detest the over use of packaging (even when recyclable) - there is NO need. The clever marketeers out there use excessive packaging to draw you in, to make you believe their product is superior. Let me tell you, it's simply not. It's the same product (and in many cases inferior, that's why they need to jazz it up. 

With clever graphics and bells & whistles, they know they can make more sales. Have you ever ordered something online and been shocked with the packaging you throw in to your recycling bin. 


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