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We’re one of the leading providers of assisted bathing solutions for domestic settings, special schools and acute-care environments.

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Company Name Abacus Healthcare
Logo Abacus Healthcare Company Logo by Abacus Healthcare in Redditch Worcestershire
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Phone Number 0800 542 1531
10 & 11 The Oaks
Clews Road
Redditch, Worcestershire B98 7ST
United Kingdom

More About Abacus Healthcare

As part of the Care in Bathing Group, Europe’s foremost provider of specialist bathing products for over 25 years, Abacus Healthcare shares a strong heritage in assisted bathing.

We’re proud to design and manufacture in the UK, and we've built an enviable reputation for creating high-quality specialist bathing solutions.

Our products are developed by specialists and improved through regular feedback from therapists, families and care providers

Ergonomics and the reduction of moving and handling risks are carefully considered in every aspect of our product design. Our bathing solutions are built with precision, using high quality components and materials that guarantee the highest levels of safety, performance and reliability.

And, by seeking feedback from care providers, healthcare professionals and end users, we strive to continually develop our product designs and manufacturing expertise to provide the optimum assisted bathing installation.

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NEW: A FREE step-by-step guide 'How to own a powered assistive bath' now available. Whether you are looking to bathe a disabled child or adult more easily, or you are...

The Benefits of an Adjustable Bath for Both Bather and Carer

In this short video we show our popular hi-lo bath, the Gemini, demonstrated by David Bertorelli at Kidz to Adultz North 2016. The Gemini bath is a fully height adjustable bath that...

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If your child or relative has a disability or you care for a person with limited mobility, owning an assisted bath can be a real help. Having a powered bath at home that is height...

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Lucy Beaumont, aged 31 is a delightful disabled adult who lives with her mother, Norma, in Swanley, Kent. Lucy lives with undiagnosed physical and mental disabilities that were probably...

Abacus Healthcare Videos

Why David Thinks The Gemini 3-in-1 Bath For Disabled Bathers is Unique

In this video David Bertorelli, Area Sales Manager for Abacus Healthcare, briefly explains why the height adjustable Gemini bath is a proven choice for Occupational Therapists, families...

Bob talks us through the benefits of the Scorpio height-adjustable bath with transfer seat

The Scorpio 1700 is a height-adjustable bath and comes with a manual or powered transfer seat to assist with raising and lowering the bather.Tel: 01527 400024Email: sales@abacushealthcare.co.ukhttp://www.abacushealthcare.co.uk/Compact...

Height Adjustable Gemini Bath for Bathers Needing Specialist Care (Timelapse Video)

For bathers needing specialist care, the Gemini bath is a fully height adjustable bath that comes with an integrated variable-height platform to assist with bathing, drying and changing.Bathers...

Demonstrating the functionality of Gemini height adjustable bath

In this time lapse video you will see the unique 'double lift' action of the Gemini power assisted bath from Abacus Healthcare.------The Gemini is unique in the marketplace...

Abacus Healthcare: demonstrating the Scorpio bath powered transfer seat

In this time lapse video you will see how the powered transfer seat on the Scorpio bath provides safe accessibility for disabled bathers.---Ideal in domestic settings or for bathroom...

Gemini height adjustable bath at the Young Epilepsy Centre - therapist feedback

A Gemini variable height bath by Abacus Healthcare, with integrated platform, has been installed at the main educational campus of the national charity Young Epilepsy so that residential...

Visitors try the Gemini hi-lo bath at Kidz to Adultz South

In this short video you will see visitors trying the specialist Gemini assistive bath from Abacus Healthcare at the Kidz to Adultz South exhibition.It demonstrates the powered functionality...

Gemini hi-lo adjustable bath demonstration at Kidz-to-Adultz South 2016

For bathers needing specialist care, the Gemini bath is a fully height adjustable bath that comes with an integrated variable-height platform to assist with bathing, drying and changing. Bathers...

How the Gemini Assisted Platform Bath Can Help Bathers Requiring Special Assistance

This unique Gemini bath provides an integrated, 3-in-1 solution for bathing, drying and changing – all in one easy transfer.Easy to use and ergonomically designed, these variable...

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