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Posted by Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions on 20/09/2017

Abacus Healthcare: demonstrating the Scorpio bath powered transfer seat

In this time lapse video you will see how the powered transfer seat on the Scorpio bath provides safe accessibility for disabled bathers.


Ideal in domestic settings or for bathroom areas where space is restricted, the fixed height Scorpio 1700 comes with either a manual or powered transfer seat and is suitable for use with ceiling track hoists or where bathers require additional assistance.If bathers prefer to get into a bath unaided, the Scorpio 1700 is ideal, as it incorporates a seat transfer that can be powered manually or automatically.Once the bath is filled, the seat is raised to the transfer height required by the bather and locked in position, before lowering gently into the bath. As well as the powered seat, the bather can also transfer into the bath from a wheelchair, a mobile hoist or a ceiling track hoist.


For a free demonstration contact Abacus Healthcare on:01527 400024

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