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Posted by Cavendish Chairs & Mobility on 19/05/2017

Are you sitting comfortably? Time to Consider an Orthopedic Chair

Are you sitting comfortably? Time to Consider an Orthopedic Chair

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s ask why you might consider purchasing an Orthopeadic high seat armchair.

As we get older we may need assistance with support or when sitting and rising from a sofa or armchair. Over time our bodies get infirm due to age or accidents, it is not a crime to require a chair that maybe more suitable to our needs, also comfier.

Sitting in the same position for lengthy periods can become uncomfortable, making it harder to get out of your seat again, also if the seat is too low our legs, hips or arms may not support us until we reach the seat when lowering.

Many sofas and armchairs are often the wrong shape for a good sitting position, making us want to naturally slouch. This may be due to the style of the furniture, such as being too low, narrow or too wide, but it may also be that the furniture is old and the filling in its upholstery is less supportive.

So, what do we need to consider?

If you are unable to find a comfortable or correct sitting position in your current sofa or armchair, it might be worth investing in a new one.

Seat height: a higher seat will make it easier to get in and out of the chair, but if too high, your feet won't touch the floor, making it more uncomfortable when sitting. A general rule is, the seat height need to be the same as the measurement from the floor to the back of your knee while standing. Unless otherwise advised by a medical practitioner.

Seat depth: this needs to be sufficient to support the full length of the thighs, but not be so deep that you need to lean back. The use of a support cushion can give added comfort.

Seat Width: We all come in different shapes and sizes, so just make sure the width of the chair will support your body.

The height of the armrests: The arms of an orthopaedic chair will be at the correct height to assist with support whilst lowering yourself into the chair and also assist when rising. They should also allow the arms to be rested without raising or dropping of the shoulders.

There are many different styles of orthopaedic armchairs and many come with matching sofas and footstools. Buying off the internet does not have to be a frightening experience when considering a purchase if you take the above into consideration.

The Disabled Living Foundation’s Living Made Easy website has a useful guide to the different types of chair for the older or infirm amongst us. also have a number of articles and reviews of chairs for the elderly.

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By Paul Render

Director – Cavendish Chairs and Mobility.

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