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Posted By Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions on 16/10/2018

Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions to introduce infallible BioCote protection against Superbugs at OT Show

Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions to introduce infallible BioCote protection against Superbugs at OT Show

Abacus, the trusted specialist in accessible bathing solutions,will be launching its integrated BioCote antimicrobial technology at the OT Show – now available in its Gemini 1700 and 2000 baths (Stand J40, NEC, 21-22 November).

Abacus, part of the Gainsborough Healthcare Group, is a proven specialist in safe assisted bathing and regarded by many as an innovator in paediatric care. This dynamic approach has led to the introduction of BioCote within its Gemini baths so that infection and illness can be reduced. The antimicrobial benefits of BioCote have been available within the Gainsborough Specialist Bathing range since 2016 – a Gainsborough Healthcare Group brand operating in the long term care sector. 

This silver-ion based technology has been proven to reduce harmful bacteria by up to 98% within care homes and hospitals. It continues to provide 99.9% 24/7 protection against harmful superbugs such as Influenza H1N1, E.coli, Salmonella and antibiotic resistant MRSA. This impressive capability is now supplied as standard in Abacus Gemini baths including the new larger 2000 model, also launching at The OT Show.

Peter Eckhardt, Gainsborough Healthcare Group CEO explains: "Abacus bathing solutions are 100% focused on the needs of the bather, always. This is why we have strengthened the care we provide with the introduction of BioCote in our Gemini baths. The hidden dangers of infectious Superbugs are a growing threat, particularly as traditional disinfectants are becoming ineffective against evolving microbes. When you consider vulnerable individuals can be more susceptible to infection, then the need for BioCote whilst bathing is vital. Reducing the risk of illness and cross contamination means less medical intervention is likely outside of the bathroom - reducing pressure and stress on everyone affected by disability. We believe in providing wellness with peace of mind so bathing is enjoyable and therapeutic – BioCote helps us achieve this promise." 

BioCote is not a coating, it is integrated into GRP during the bath manufacture so cannot be wiped or worn away. Therefore, it provides consistent, infallible protection throughout the life time of the bath. This invisible component reduces stains, odours and enhances bath surface durability. Free advice and information, including evidence-based case studies, will be available to all professional visitors keen to understand how BioCote improves client and carer well-being. Read More...   

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