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Puppy Teething And What You Can Do To Help Ease The Teething Process

Puppy Teething And What You Can Do To Help Ease The Teething Process

A lot of things go into raising a healthy dog and you may find it a bit intimidating at times. Things can be tricky when the puppy starts teething and, when those small teeth start to erupt, your puppy will definitely experience some discomforts. As a loving and responsible dog owner, there are many things you can do to help ease the teething process, from giving your dog raw food, to hand feeding him.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some puppy teething tips:

Give Chew Toys- your pup will chew almost anything when teething, including curtains, socks, and shoes. Keep your belongings intact by giving your puppy chew toys instead. Bully sticks, nylon bones, or rubber toys are great items for your pup to chew on.

Train- hand feeding isn’t only great for bonding with your pup, but it is also an opportunity to train him. Show your pup that you are a rewarding and an exciting person to play with.

Frozen Treats- cold treats can numb the nerve endings and temporarily ease the discomfort. When your pup’s gums are tender and swelling, you can rub them with ice cubes.

Maintain Good Dental Care- when small teeth are erupting, you shouldn’t brush them immediately. If tooth brushing is associated with discomfort, it will be more difficult to convince your puppy later. Even so, it is the right time to lay the groundwork for proper oral hygiene. If you regularly ease the discomfort, your pup will get used to having his oral health managed. Use a damp, cool and clean cloth to gently rub the new teeth and gums of your dog. This will clean up your dog’s teeth and make him feel more comfortable.

Use Herbs- safe herbs for your puppy include chamomile and lavender. They have mild soothing properties that can calm your pup down during the teething process. Make an herbal tea and mix it with the dog’s food. Alternatively, you can make ice cubes of the tea or inject weak tea with a syringe into the mouth of your pup.

Teething Gel- consult your vet and ask whether it’s a good idea to use a teething gel for your pup. When your puppy’s gums are raw and sore, the gel could help to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

Feed Your Puppy Raw Food- when your puppy is teething, hard dog food can be incredibly painful for him to eat. Instead, feed your pup raw food from 4PawsRaw and keep him healthier and happier.

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