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4PAWSRAW, probably the fastest growing brand in the UK

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Company Name 4PAWSRAW
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Phone Number 01759 304070
1 George Street
Pocklington, England YO42 2DG
United Kingdom

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More About 4PAWSRAW


Probably One Of The

Growing Brands in The UK

Premium High Quality Pet Food

4PAWSRAW isn’t just a pet food store. We are pet people, pet lovers and pet parents. We are just like you. When you shop with us, either online or in store, you can feel confident knowing that we wouldn’t sell anything that we wouldn’t give to our own pets.

At 4PAWSRAW we have a clear vision regarding our current food range and future ranges for dogs and other pets. This allows us to focus on providing your dogs the best possible products.

  • To improve and maintain the health and well-being of your dog.

  • To help our friends enjoy a more natural and suitable lifestyle.

  • To help introduce and educate dog owners to a ‘whole’ new and healthy way that brings great benefits.

  • Provide our customers with free advice, support and the best possible customer service.

Our natural raw dog food gives you peace of mind that it provides your best friend with all the nutrition and goodness they need for a healthy body and mind.

Your dog’s diet needs to contain a balanced variety of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals.

On the inside you will want your dog to have strong bones, a happy gut, sharp healthy brain, organs in excellent working order and not to mention a healthy immune system! On the outside, healthy skin, coat, claws, bright eyes and energy.

4PAWSRAW Blog Articles

Half of British Dogs are Classified As Overweight

Half of British dogs are classified as overweight or obese, according to research from dogactivity monitor and wellbeing...

Posted on 01/02/2019

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Grain Free Dog Food, a great alternative to feeding RAW.

Green Free dog food is ideal for anyone that might not like the idea of feeding a Raw BARF diet to their pet.Our recipes...

Posted on 01/02/2019

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Why feed your pet a raw diet?

People switch their pets to a raw diet for a variety of reasons - perhaps you are looking for a healthier diet for your...

Posted on 13/06/2018

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Pets and Humanisation Trends


Posted on 20/02/2019

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Our very own range of VET grade supplements for Cats and Dogs.Email - sales@petmarketdirect.co.uk for details...

Posted by 4PAWSRAW on 12/01/2019

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4PAWSRAW Products

Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs and Cats with Arthritis Joint Pain. LARGE Bottle 500ml

Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs and Cats - 500ml Food Supplement from 4PawsRawGlucosamine is a natural precursor compound for...

33 Union St, Pocklington, York YO42 2JJ, UK

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Premium Lamb Chunks 10kg Box RAW Dog Food FREE DELIVERY

   10 kg High Quality Lamb Chunks                     ...


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Wising up after the loss of a beloved pet

These days more and more emphasis is placed on healthy lifestyles and clean eating for humans to ease the burden on the NHS, so could a change of tack also be beneficial for our pets?...

Mischievous little monsters cartoon! Cute really.

Borrowed from a great collection on Youtube. Adding a bit of humour to our profile www.petmarketdirect.co.uk...

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